The end of Arrow‘s season 4 may have said goodbye to a key character, but it appears that it isn’t the end for her. Recent reports on the show suggest that Black Canary is making her way back to Arrow season 5.

The reveal comes from Black Canary herself, Katie Cassidy. According to Screen Rant, the actress revealed her re-appearance on the show at the Salt Lake City comic-con.

Still, though technically she’ll be back, it’s not actually a revival. The source details that Cassidy’s return would most likely come in the form of flashbacks. Screen Rant says that she’ll likely appear in Oliver’s memories. However, the website also did not dismiss the possibility of other characters reminiscing about their friendship.

The website emphasizes that it’s uncertain how Cassidy will appear, but shares that remembering the good memories with Black Canary is an appropriate way to honor her departure from the series.

Still, though it’s goodbye for her on Arrow, it’s not totally the end for the character. The actress shared that she’ll be on other shows from DC’s TV continuity namely Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Fans should look out as to how that fares out.

Arrow season 5 and other news

On other related news, actor Stephen Amell recently made buzz after expressing that he wants to join America Ninja Warrior.

The actor expressed the sentiment via a tweet. Though the tweet could simply be a result of inspiration from watching the show, we never know. After all, the show already hosted a personality from a DC TV series. Stunt woman Jessie Graff who works on Supergirl already conquered the obstacles on the show.

Very recently, Graff made American Ninja Warrior history after being the first woman to ever complete Stage 1, ESPN reports. With regard to her achievement, the website quotes the stunt woman as saying:

“I’m excited to complete Stage 1 as an athlete, not just a woman, because it is a deceptively challenging course that has taken out hundreds of stronger athletes than me, male and female. Hitting the buzzer proved my ability to analyze, strategize and make quick adaptive decisions under pressure..”

As to whether Amell joins Graff in the Ninja Warrior platform remains to be seen.

What’s for sure is that Arrow season 5 airs on October 5 on The CW.