Will “Arrow” Season 5 push through without Black Canary? Is actress Katie Cassidy really leaving the show to join the cast of “The Flash?”

According to TV Line, the actress is not about to exit the series about DC’s billionaire vigilante, Green Arrow. But she is set to make an appearance on “The Flash.” Should fans now expect the actress to be a mainstay regular on both CW shows? Cassidy will still play Black Canary in the upcoming season of”Arrow.” But the actress will only be a guest star on “The Flash.” What role would she play in the spin-off?

“You will see her on an episode…playing the Earth Two version of Laurel Lance,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim said earlier this week. Laurel Lance is the name of Cassidy’s character in “Arrow.” But she will not be appearing as Black Canary in the spin-off. According to TV Line, in “The Flash,” Laurel will take on the moniker of Black Siren. According to DC Comics canon, Black Siren was a member of the Justice Society. She is also known for being the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance.

This will not be the last time Cassidy participate in a “Flash” – “Arrow” crossover. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress will also lend her voice in the spin-off “Vixen” as Earth One Laurel Lance.

You can catch Katie Cassidy as Black Siren in the penultimate episode of “The Flash” Season 2.  The season’s second to the last episode will air on May 17. “Arrow,” on the other hand, will continue to air every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Meanwhile, another “The Flash” crossover recently proved to be a ratings success. In a separate report, TV Line pointed out that a visit from DC’s favourite speedster boosted the ratings of “Supergirl.” The episode reportedly drew 7.24 million total viewers.