Did Arrow Season 5 acquire a Philippine version of the popular CW series? The FB post of Stephen Amell earned varied responses for the trailer of Alyas Robin Hood.

The latest teaser from the actor caused some confusion among fans. At the start, it appeared like most video clips for the popular CW superhero series. Arrow Season 5 has yet to premiere on October 5. Thus, the endless stream of spoilers about what will likely happen next to Oliver Queen and his team. Lead star Stephen Amell is actively promoting the series. Moreover, he is known to drop a few hints every so often about the show, which is no doubt a delight for many fans.

His earlier revelation hinted at a possible change in Arrow Season 5 due to the Flashpoint arc. The suggestion of his team’s possible reunion also offered hope for the series. Yet his recent teaser proved most interesting with a photo showing the iconic footwear of several notable DC superheroes.

However, a closer look revealed it as the trailer for a new, separate series about to premiere on Philippine television. The blushing faced emoji on his FB post could be Amell’s subtle way of poking fun at the Filipino series, according to Cinema Blend. Nevertheless, his fandom seemed to have no problem expressing their thoughts on Alyas Robin Hood. Alas, a few comments from Filipino viewers noted the close similarity between the two shows. In response to the frenzy over the Philippine TV series, GMA Headwriter Suzette Doctolero issued a statement to clear the matter.

According to Doctolero, Alyas Robin Hood is a homage to the British folktale Robin Hood. The series is a modern retelling of his story in a Filipino setting. It deals with social injustice, which is a significant topic to date. While Arrow or Green Archer is based on “Green Arrow/Robin Hood and Batman,” Doctolero wrote in an FB post. She further reassured that their story puts a different twist on the classic tale.

Could it be the Philippine version of Arrow Season 5?

A new job description for this coming season. @gmanetwork 😉

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