“Arrow season 5” did not cast Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, but they’re bringing someone in who could open up the possibility.

Comic Book Resources reports that “The Tomorrow People” star Carly Pope appears next season. She plays Coast City reporter Susan Williams. Consequently, the site details that the character is the wife of Hal Jordan’s brother, Jim.

Details about Pope’s portrayal of the character is scarce, but TV Insider shares that she moves to Star City to pursue her journalism career. The website further describes Pope’s casting as “recurring”. Her character debuts on the season’s third episode.

Will Green Lantern finally reveal himself in the show’s fifth season?

Greener ‘Arrow season 5’?

Comic Book Movie thinks that bringing Susan Williams in is a major step towards introducing Hal Jordan’s alter ego. The website says:

“Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to see Green Lantern, but the hero has been teased so many times that it’s hard not to wonder if it will finally happen. Either way, this is undeniably another very interesting nod to the character’s existence.”

True enough, it is exciting to see how events unfold after the ambitious journalist makes her entrance in Star City.

Could Williams be a villain?

The aforementioned sources also revealed that the character will target Oliver Queen. This begs the question on whether Susan Williams could be a villain to season 5’s arc.

For the sake of speculation, Williams could be a nuisance to Oliver’s crime-fighting activities. However, it is unlikely that she will be out to destroy the Arrow.

It remains to be seen whether Williams will pave the way for Green Lantern’s appearance.

On other “Arrow” news, Carly Pope is only among the recent additions to the list of new faces visiting Star city. Previously confirmed guest stars include Tyler Ritter, Rick Gonzalez, Josh Segarra and Chad L. Coleman.

As per Hollywood Reporter, Ritter plays a character named Detective Malone. He joins the Star City Police Department. Meanwhile, Gonzalez will don the character of Wild Dog, a new Star City vigilante. Oliver Queen also gets an ally in Segarra, who plays district attorney Adrian Chase. Finally, Coleman will play villain Tobias Church.

“Arrow season 5” returns on October 5 on The CW.