Actor Stephen Amell, famous for starring in the titular role in CW’s “Arrow,” will now be starring alongside his brother Robbie Amell in a sci-fi project entitled “Code 8.”

Stephen Amell announced on his Facebook page that he, along with his brother Robbie and actor Sung Kang, known for playing Han in “The Fast and the Furious,” have been developing “Code 8.” “Facebook. I’ve been working on something. So has Robbie Amell & Sung Kang. Countdown is on at,” Amell wrote on his post.

A short teaser was also included with the post. The video opens with the legend – “Lincoln City.” We are treated to an ultra-panavision (“The Hateful Eight”) aspect ratio shot of the camera overlooking the said city though the teaser looks shot on digital cameras. The teaser goes on to inform us that only about “four percent of people possess abnormal abilities.” We see two people levitating what looks like roof tiles.

These select few with special abilities, we are told, are always being targeted by the police, who obviously perceive them as a threat; they “make up 60 percent of all arrests.” Maybe that’s the official government stand on the issue. Think of the X-Men.

Next, we see actor Sung Kang as a cop approaching two suspects (Aaron Abrams and Robbie Amell). A big drone-like hovering vessel come to view and drops two android policemen on the streets below, to apprehend, maybe even kill the two suspects. The heads of the two robotic cops resemble something out of a Neil Blomkamp movie, which is not a bad thing at all. The video ends, announcing in bold letters the name of the movie’s website which has been mentioned earlier.

The countdown on the website shows 8 days, 13 hours and 2 minutes remaining when this article was written. Something will be revealed on March 22, perhaps an announcement of some kind, or a bigger trailer. The teaser sure looked promising, especially with the police arrest of a minority section of people who appear peaceful and creative. One might be reminded of the police brutalities in the US that are such raging issues.

The website also allows people to drop in their emails to receive updates on the project as it progresses. The Facebook page of “Code 8” mentions that the movie will be directed by Jeff Chan, whose only full-length feature to date is the horror movie “Grace” (2014).

The project has obvious similarities to the CW superhero series like “Arrow” and “The Flash.” Even Robbie Amell, as noted by Entertainment Weekly (EW), said so while debuting the teaser at the Heroes & Villains fan fest in Chicago.

“Stephen and I have been trying to work together for a long time,” Robbie said. “We got a little taste of it on the Flash, Arrow crossover, and we’ve been putting this together since August with a bunch of friends and family, and calling in favors.” EW notes that Chris Pare, who co-wrote “Grace,” will be writing “Code 8.”

The teaser can be seen below.