Uh oh. Is “Arrow” star Stephen Amell leaving the hit TV series? If he would join “Supernatural,” it looks like fans can expect a spin off from the show.

Speculations began after “Supernatural” announced a wrestling storyline in Season 11, Cinema Blend wrote. And according to the site, avid fans know that Amell loves professional wrestling. The “Arrow” star participated in WWE’s “Summer Slam” and won his debut fight.

TV Line reported that three characters will be introduced in the new storyline. These are “Gunnar Lawless,” “Shawn Harley,” and “Rio” whose wrestling experiences vary from one another. With Amell’s experience, Inquisitr noted that he’ll be a great addition to the “Supernatural” cast.

And it looks like Amell is up for considering the role. In his Twitter post last December, the actor posted a photo which hinted that he’s a fan of “Supernatural.”

According to Movie Pilot, Amell hinted on Facebook that “Arrow” Season 5 might be his last. In case that happens, the site mentioned what could happen to the series without Amell.

It could be that the show will finally be coming to an end, the characters will move to other shows, someone will replace him or there would be a possible spin off. Movie Pilot mentioned that among the possibilities listed, the last one might be plausible.

The site wrote,

“Some ideas could be Vixen, Nightwing, the Question, or Red Arrow. There are many possibilities, and I don’t think it would be hard for any of these characters to get their own shows.”

But what do fans think about it? So far, fans have mixed reactions on Amell’s rumored exit.

Maybe he can grant both sides?

Nonetheless, Inquisitr mentioned that Amell’s a pro in doing crossovers. Aside from his role in “Arrow,” Amell appeared several times in “The Flash.” He will also have a cameo role in the upcoming season of “Legends of Tomorrow.”

Arrow” returns on January 20, 8PM on The CW.