Rumors surrounding Stephen Amell’s future with “Arrow” have been circulating the Internet over the last few months.

The buzz suggested that Amell would be leaving “Arrow” at the conclusion of its fourth season, and that he would be joining the cast of “Supernatural” later or in the future.

Once and for all, the actor addressed the issue and took on Facebook to deny that he will be leaving the show.

“Facebook, I keep reading that I’m leaving Arrow, I’m not. I have a contract that runs through 2019. At least….  Now, that doesn’t mean Arrow will run that long, but if it does, I’ll be here.” Stephen Amell wrote on his official Facebook page.

He however did say that he would love to be with the Winchester brothers if “Supernaturals” producers would ask him to join the cast.

“If [“Supernatural” producers] asked me, sure? If I was available, sure. Have they asked me? No. Would I be available? No,” Amell added.

“Arrow” is set to resume on January 20, and showrunner Marc Guggenheim said its time to focus our attention to a big surprise.

Guggenheim promised a real game-changer that he had never been done before on Arrow with the Big Bad. He however clarified that the “twist” will involve a character’s death but something to do with the Big Bad for the current season.

“The back half of the season, we’re pretty much following the same structure that we have in seasons past where obviously the Big Bad gears up. That said, we’re going to throw a hard six in episode 15 that I think will surprise people,” he told IGN.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that Felicity Smoke will turn into Oracle this season.

However, in an interview with TVLine, executive producer Wendy Mericle however cleared the rumors regarding Felicity’s fate.

She said: “That’s something we definitely talked about [doing] with Felicity in the beginning…. But yeah, it will not be Oracle, sadly. People have to tune in to see what happens.”

“Arrow” season four resumes with “Blood Debts” episode on Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on CW.