The CW’s “Arrow” has a notorious history in bringing the dead back to life and now, it appears that the show will be bringing another character back to the land of the living.

HitFix reports that the show’s upcoming episode will feature the return of Andrew Diggle (Eugene Byrd), John Diggle’s (David Ramsey) brother, who was presumed dead.

However, unlike other deaths in the show that needed the Lazarus Pit to resurrect characters, HitFix points out that Andy’s return to life would not be needing the pit because the character is not really dead after all.

The report cites that the promo for “Arrow’s” upcoming seventh episode reveals Andy’s supposed death was only a cover up.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly quotes Wendy Mericle, the show’s executive producer, in saying: “We’ll definitely be seeing Andy coming up in future episodes and we’ll get some pretty shocking answers about what happened to him.”

EW also reports that although Andy is indeed alive, he is under the control of the villain Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough).

Actor David Ramsey also shares that his character’s quest to find out the truth about his brother will only make their family stronger.

“Now, since Damien Darhk is on the scene, and he is so entrenched in H.I.V.E., it’s going to (be) require the whole team to be closer than ever before, because Damien Darhk is a badass,” Entertainment Weekly quotes Ramsey.

It can be recalled that after the episode where John Diggle learns of his brother’s dark secret, fans have speculated that Andy may have been alive all this time. Bustle is among the sources to put this theory out there.

To add to an interesting theory, Bustle also suggested that given Andy’s not-so-good morals, a showdown between the two Diggle brothers may actually happen in the future.

The whole truth to Andy’s story will be revealed in episode 7 of “Arrow” which will air this Wednesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

You can catch the promo below to learn what to expect in the upcoming episode.