Brace yourselves, “Arrow” fans, because the Green Arrow is finally giving you a first look at a facial feature that you never thought you would see in the character’s TV version.

In a photo shared by actor Stephen Amell on his social media accounts, fans will finally be able to see the Green Arrow with a goatee, much like how he looks in the original comic version. You can check out the photo below if this piece of information is hard for you to believe.

According to Screen Crush, the older and goateed version of the Green Arrow will make his appearance when “Legends of Tomorrow” airs its February 25 episode. Aptly titled “Star City 2046”, the older “Arrow” will join the heroes from “Legends of Tomorrow” in their efforts to stop Savage.

Although the photo only shows Oliver with a goatee and his arms are still intact, Comic Book Resources quotes show executive producer Marc Guggenheim in saying that Oliver Queen will not only sport a goatee, but his left arm will also be missing in the character’s 2046 version.

Screen Rant also notes that the other Green Arrow shown in “Legends of Tomorrow’s” Thursday episode is indeed Connor Hawke, who in the comics is Oliver’s son in the comics. However, the character’s version in the show will not follow the comic’s storyline and his role is still undetermined.

It remains to be seen how the second Green Arrow will fit in the 2046 Star City universe of “Legends of Tomorrow”.

Meanwhile, things are also heating up in Oliver Queen’s present timeline with the arrival of Vixen (Megalyn E.K.) in present-day Star City. In an earlier report, it was revealed that Vixen will help seek the location of the villainous Damien Dhark in order for Oliver to retrieve his kidnapped and newly-discovered son.

“Arrow” season 4 airs its next episode on February 24 at 8 p.m. on The CW while “Legends of Tomorrow’s” next episode airs the night after that on the same network and timeslot.