Fans of “Arrow” and “The Flash” are expected to experience binge-watching soon as some of CW shows are heading to Netflix.

The upcoming seasons of “The Flash,” “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Supergirl” could end up on Netflix, two weeks after their respective finale, if CW continues to cut its ties with Hulu, iDigital Times wrote.

According to Variety, Netflix and the CW are nearing to close a new deal that would speed up the availability of the DC superhero shows to less than two weeks after the series’ finale.

The agreement with Netflix comes as CW and Hulu are parting ways on the deal that made selected CW series available for streaming on a rolling-five basis. The existing deal is set to expire in early October.

Hulu and CW parent companies, CBS and Warner Bros., have been negotiating several times for months. Reports indicated that Hulu wanted to give its subscribers access to more than five recent episodes of every CW series at a time. Cinema Blend noted that evidently both sides were not able to reach a compromise on this term and ended the talks.

Cinema Blend also reported that the new deal should not change fans’ viewing experience especially if you are watching on network TV. However, fans will have a chance to watch new episodes much earlier under the new deal since Netflix will speed up the timeline. With this agreement, new seasons of the CW’s shows will hit the streaming service two weeks after the end of the current season.

Meanwhile, Variety reported that although the exact price of the deal is yet to be confirmed, it is definitely ranked as one of the largest output deals in the SVOD arena to date–with value that could exceed $1 billion.

Both “Arrow” and “The Flash” will return to CW this coming fall.