“Arrow” Season 4 could be the saddest period for the TV series. Fans, cast, and crew members continue to mourn the loss of Laurel Lance. Another death on the show might be too soon and too much for anyone to handle.

Unfortunately, death appears to be imminent for the “Arrow” Season 4 finale. Executive producer Wendy Mericle hinted at this possibility, Melty reported. Mericle revealed a grim ending for the current season and implied the likelihood of fatalities as a result.

“It’s a pretty grim one, I’m sad to say. We have a huge number of potential fatalities,” Mericle revealed.
The publication noted the prospect of a “grand finale” setting to take place in Vancouver. Sources revealed the production team blocked off an intersection of the city’s down town area. The scene would be reminiscent of the Deathstroke battle that took place in Season 2, Comicbook remarked.

Expectedly, the team wants to avenge the death of Lance. However, would their quest for vengeance necessitate claiming a life or two? The question becomes increasingly poignant since their attempts to put a stop to Damien Darhk have failed so far.

It would appear that anyone on the show could end up as a potential fatality especially after the death of Laurel Lance aka the Black Canary. Considering the fact that she was a main character on the show, then anyone could be next. Taking into account the circumstances that led to Lance’s death, Fashion & Style suggested that Felicity Smoak could be the next fatality. The publication surmised the H.I.V.E. leader would kill her to get even with Oliver for spoiling his evil plans.

Aside from Felicity, the publication also proposed the death of Diggle during the finale. As he seeks vengeance for the death of Laurel, his own death could also come at the hands of his brother, Andy. Actress Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity, earlier teased about “absolute destruction, devastation.” Could this be a confirmation of the “grim” end?

The “Arrow” Season 4 finale entitled “Genesis” airs on May 4. Watch the trailer for “Genesis” below.