Big Bang Theory” lead, Kaley Cuoco welcomed her 30th birthday last month with open arms and had penned down a beautiful note to express all her gratitude.

She had shared on her Instagram account , “Today was the best birthday I have ever had … Thank you for all the love and best wishes … My heart is overwhelmed with joy and complete contentment. There have been a few bumps along the way, but thank you God, nothing I can’t handle.”

And it look likes she has truly moved on from her divorce with Ryan Sweeting. As reported by US Magazine, Cuoco is currently dating Paul Blackthorne from “Arrow.” If sources are to be believed, it appears things have started well for the couple.

The insider shares, “It’s new, but she’s really excited about it.” The source also added, “Kaley’s doing great postdivorce.”

Way to go girl! She has always taken her stand and strongly reverted to people passing comments on her personal life. And now it appears she has found something special along with Blackthorne.

Meanwhile, things have also heated up on “Big Bang Theory” Season 9. Shamy coming back together and finally consummating the relationship hasn’t failed to create headlines. The next question that everyone supporting Shamy thought of was probably, what’s next? And it appears that future holds much promise for the couple.

We all know that just before Amy broke up with Sheldon, he was going to propose since he had the ring with him. Fans probably have that on their mind. Commenting on the engagement ring in question, “The Big Bang Theory” show-runner Steven Molaro told US Weekly, “At some point in the near future, it will come up again. It’s not going to immediately, but we certainly have not forgotten about it.”

Fans will probably be hoping to see Amy walk down the aisle for Sheldon. We are keeping our fingers crossed!