A Sydney teenager has been detained and denied bail by local police for planning a terrorist attack coinciding with this year’s Anzac Day services and events. She could possibly face lifetime imprisonment.

Members of the joint counterterrorism team in New South Wales arrested the 16-year-old in his home in Auburn on Sunday after their investigation connected to Operation Vianden.

The police made the announcement of the teenager’s arrest prior to the beginning of the primary dawn service at Martin’s place.

“Clearly we have taken swift action to ensure community safety on the eve of a sacred day on the Australian calendar,” Andrew Scipione, the NSW police commissioner, said on Monday following the conclusion of the dawn service at 6 a.m., as reported by The Guardian.

“Anzac Day should be observed by all in our community free from fear and I would encourage everyone to enjoy this special day.” The terrorism threat was only down to one person. “The risk from this particular threat has been thwarted.”

Since the arrest, the NSW police have tightened and increased the level of security for the Anzac Day commemorations. The Sydney teenager was charged with one count for attempting a terrorist attack, an offense that brings a lifetime imprisonment penalty, according to ABC News.

“It (security) is a noticeable increase, but you must remember at the moment Australia is dealing with a threat. Certainly in terms of the level of the alert that is out there, we are ‘probable,’” Scipione added.

Scipione also noted that the teenager’s age is of concern to him and “it remains a measure of the ongoing task facing law enforcement and the community.”

The latest attempted terrorist attack comes five months after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull encouraged a test on how well the police and emergency services can respond to a terrorist attack.

A military strategist also suggested two months ago that the country could possibly face an inevitable terrorist attack that not even the country itself can protect the citizens from.