Year 2016 is quite a lucky year for Ariana Grande. Her newest album Dangerous Woman has been selling successfully. The singer also debuted her new signature fragrance, Sweet Like Candy, on July 20.

The singer launched her first-ever perfume product called Ari in 2015. Her new scent is also worth adding to the collection.

Sweet Like Candy is already available at ULTA. According to the website, the singer’s “seductively sweet, fun and sexy personality” is the main inspiration for the scent.

The scent comes in four variants: plumeria, blackberry, marshmallow and vanilla. The buyers will have the power to choose which suits their personalities.

The packaging for the perfume is also appealing. Although quite similar to Ari, Grande added a personal touch to the design by including a pom-pom ponytail.

‘With its gemstone-themed bottle and classic puff’, the overall design wrapped in baby pastel pink is enticing and light to the eye. Check out the photo below:

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Those who would like to purchase Grande’s newest perfume would get a surprise. The website is giving out a free Cozy Shorts and Water Bottle with any single purchase.

The promo runs from July 20 to Aug. 6 or until supplies last. However, the giveaway is only available exclusively on the site.

For those who are wondering, the price for the product is only $49 (AU$60.24). Bustle believes that the price is just right.

Additionally, Hollywood Life thinks that the Dangerous Woman singer wants to tell her fans that she grew up as a person through her signature scents. Nonetheless, Sweet Like Candy might become a hit among perfume collectors worldwide.

The singer is currently enjoying her time off from work. Mail Online spotted the 23-year-old singer having a late-night trip to Disneyland.

The source reported that she was with her friends, including rapper Mac Miller and singer Victoria Monet. Her boyfriend and backup dancer Ricky Alvarez was not with them.

Ariana Grande enjoyed the trip sporting a huge sun visor cap. Perhaps, she decided to wear one so the public will not recognize her.

She is about to announce her Dangerous Woman tour soon. There will be more celebrity news in the coming days so do not forget to tune in to ANN every day.