It would appear the Dangerous singer is getting comfortable with a rapper. Photos revealed the Ariana Grande new boyfriend might be rapper Mac Miller.

The relationship between Ariana Grande and Mac Miller seemed to have leveled up over the past few days. In 2013, the singer and the rapper collaborated on The Way. Even then, speculations arose that they were not just friends because of their chemistry on the accompanying music video. Moreover, they shared a steamy kiss. At the time, the singer denied the rumors while the rapper referred to her as his homie.

Three years could have made a difference in their relationship. While neither has come forward to make an official announcement, photos from their recent dinner date looked convincing. Indeed, eyewitnesses at the Katsu-Ya Japanese restaurant where they dined revealed the couple kissed and giggled the whole time.

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As expected, everyone wants to know the real score between Ariana and the rapper. E! News spoke with the singer recently about her campaign with Mac makeup. Prior to that, she debuted her new signature fragrance Sweet Like Candy last July. The interview eventually tripped into her rumored relationship with Mac Miller. However, Ariana seemed prepared and had the perfect response ready for such an occasion.

An insider revealed to Hollywood Life the true feelings of the singer towards Mac Miller. Thus, could he be the Ariana Grande new boyfriend?

“Ariana has had a crush on Mac for a long time. She thinks he’s the sexiest guy she’s ever dated. She loves how confident he is and how he isn’t afraid to pour on the affection wherever they are. [Ariana] also thinks he’s beyond talented and a musical genius. She feels like she’s finally met her match,” the insider said.

Ariana dropped two songs following her reported breakup with dancer Ricky Alvarez. Sources surmised the release of the tracks hinted at a significant change in her life. The PDA pics of her with Mac Miller might offer more proof she has moved on.