Ariana Grande has been single since she and rapper Big Sean broke up in April. However, recent photos suggest the “Problem” singer has found new love. And it’s someone she has been working with on her tour.

Ari was caught kissing her back up dancer and rumored love interest, Ricky Alvarez, at Wofee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California. The two were grabbing a snack at the doughnut shop with friends. News about Grande and the back up dancer caught fire after TMZ posted a video.

Watch video below.

Aside from sharing a PDA moment, the two were also seen goofing around with the donuts. At one point in the video, Grande and Alvarez were seen licking powdered jelly donuts, after seemingly playing truth or dare. After putting their tongues on the donuts, they returned them on the counter as  they laughed.

Noticeably, before the video ends, a female employee was seen putting out a new set of freshly baked donuts on the counter, then removed it after and placed it in a glass cabinet instead. Grande then reacted and said “What the f— is this? I hate Americans. I hate America.”

While fans have been trying to dig up new info about Alvarez, many also took note of Ariana’s remarks.

According to IB Times, some of her American fans were not so happy with what the singer said, even going to the extent of demanding for an apology. Ariana’s ex- also found her behavior “immature and rude”, a source told Hollywood Life.

“Sean saw the video and is both embarrassed and disappointed with Ariana’s behavior, especially with how she treated the worker. He says he would never disrespect someone that way, and the fact that her new boy toy laughs along is quite telling.”

Ariana Grande has yet to comment on the issue.