Ariana Grande renamed the title of her third album. From “Moonlight,” it is now called “Dangerous Woman.”

After her skin-tight red frock for the Grammys, the singer wore a white shirt to reveal the new title via Snapchat, E News reported. The print read: “dangerous woman.”

Another photo showed a whiteboard with what looked like a track list. It listed “Moonlight” as number 1.

The singer also updated her Twitter biography. It now reads dangerous woman too, Mail Online reported.

In January, Grande tweeted that the she considered a title change. However, the singer said it was very hard to choose. She posted, “they’re my 2 favorite titles and songs.”

Grande debuted the first song, “Focus,” from her third album in October, PerezHilton recalled.

At the time, the singer teased about its midnight release via Twitter. However, in an earlier post from PerezHilton also, the website commented it sounded similar to “Problem” from 2014 “My Everything.”

“My Everything” became number 1 in the US. The album was third in the UK.

Fuse cited the singer’s interview with KISS FM last November. At the time, Grande revealed her third album would not sound like “Focus.”

Grande told the hosts, “That’s why I put ‘Focus’ first because it’s the only one that sort of sounds like that. I’ve been putting little snippets on my Snapchat here and there of a couple things but I can’t say yet because it’s not done.”

The singer added, “I’ve been working on it over the past year while I’ve also been on tour so I’m excited for the next couple of months to not only finish the record but to have actual, undivided time where I can really focus on the music.”

In January, a snippet of her newest single “Be Alright” posted via Twitter on Ariana Grande Today.