Ariana Grande is set to release her third album on May 20. In preparation for Friday, here are 10 big secrets about the “Dangerous Woman” that Arianators might not be aware of.

1. Baby-faced Ariana Grande has a naughty side. Ed Sheeran revealed a dirty joke she told him at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, ET Online wrote then. “I love big black balls,” the pop star told Sheeran as inflatable bouncy black balls bounced around during the finale. Sheeran told host Elvis Duran later on that he’s not sure if the pop star knew what it meant.

2. Her song “Touch It” is really a romantic ballad despite its suggestive title. Metro surmised the pop star isn’t too good with innuendo, which could explain the first item on our list.

3. However, the publication lauded her command of a room full of journalists. At the playback of “Dangerous Woman,” Grande had everyone hanging on her every word.

4. Unfortunately, she can’t do impressions of her “Dangerous Woman” collaborators. Grande told the publication she has to learn how to do them.

5. Macy Gray stands out in “Leave Me Lonely” on Grande’s “Dangerous Woman.” Their collaboration is the “most exciting feature” of the album, MTV wrote.

6. “Side to Side” is the “perfect sugar and spice combo” between Ariana Grande and collaborator Nicki Minaj, MTV wrote separately. Metro noted the new term Minaj used in the song is now a thing.

7. Each track on her new album seems to get sexier than the last, MTV remarked in a separate post. Despite their different styles, Grande and Future appears to have come up with a potential hit titled “Everyday” that’s “too hot for your headphones,” the publication added.

8. She’s obsessed with high heeled shoes. The pop star is often seen in giant heeled shoes. Hence, the awkward gait in flats during her playback for her album was noticeable, Metro wrote. Watch her dance in heels at the iHeartRadio Theatre LA to her song “Focus.”

9. She attributes her slim figure to a vegan diet, HollywoodLife revealed.
10. Her song “Sometimes” could indicate she’s currently in love. Sources suspect she’s dating her backup dancer after they were caught on video kissing at a donut shop in California. Incidentally, it’s the same place where she’s also recorded licking donuts.