A hot new track from Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman” album is now released for fans’ listening pleasure.  The new song which features her colab with rapper Future will be part of her upcoming album slated for a May 20, 2016 release.

The song entitled “Everyday,” is reportedly sexier than previously teased tracks “Dangerous Woman,” “Be Alright,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Into You,” MTV noted.  Fans can listen to the track here.

Grande previously dished on her apprehensions with working the rapper.  In an interview with KIIS FM, the “Love Me Harder” hit maker shared that she “wanted to work” with Future, but I was just not sure if they “could find the right song to do together” because of their differences.  Luckily for both, their differences worked for their advantage as evidenced by their solid new single.

Apart from “Everyday,” Grande has also released another track off her Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman” album.  The track called “Greed” which “rides a groovy bass and a jangling tambourine with some singsong spoken outros for good measure” as Spin noted, is now available for streaming here.

Meanwhile, the 22-year-old songstress has also been busy with her own line she made exclusively for high-street brand Lipsy.  The 25-piece wardrobe collection and 30-piece jewelry collection is reminiscent of the 60s era that includes pieces like pom-pom earrings, puppy keyrings, star and moon charms and mono crochet lace dresses, Inquistr reported.

Fans are definitely excited to get their hands on Grande’s third LP.  The singer previously teased that her new album will reveal more about her and will get fans to connect with her in a very personal way.

“I love my life right now,” the singer said. “I am so proud of my new album and it really reflects who I am as a person. My fans are so supportive too.”