April Fools’ Day is here—the day that gives you the license to pull legs, cut jokes, play a prank and all those mischievous tricks. After all, a little fun is the spice of the life. Before you become the victim, it’s time to take the lead and pull pranks on your friends. Take a look at these 10 ways.

  1. Send a text message tagging a friend accidentally

WhatsApp a friend who poses to be the busiest person saying, “Oh gosh! I have some great secret to share. Swear that you won’t share with anyone.” Immediately send another saying, “Oops, it was not for you.” Your gossip sucker friend will be eager to know and you enjoy teasing him.

flickr.com/Álvaro Ibáñez flickr.com/Álvaro Ibáñez

flickr.com/Álvaro Ibáñez

  1. Ask for a date from a fake profile posing dream partner

Create a fake profile and start praising your friend. Tell him/her that you have already fallen in love and how much eager you are to meet him/her. Next, ask for a date. Just ensure you don’t drag it just too long. A fake proposal for an emotional person can cause serious heartbreak.

Chatting/IshirayIshi Ray | Australia Network News


  1. Cast sparkling effect with Glitter Bomb

Add glow to your pals by sending them the sparkling glitter bomb. They are pretty affordable and fun to give as a shimmering surprise.

  1. Mess up their much-loved cosmetics

If you have a friend whose day can’t start without dolling up, then this trick is for her. Fill the body moisturizer with tanning lotion or swap the black mascara with blue or purple one. The makeover is worth watching.

Flickr.com/Interiorrain Flickr.com/Interiorrain


  1. Treat them with bitter gourd pulp-filled cupcakes

One of the simplest and harmless pranks! Prepare a delicious looking cupcakes, but with twist of bitter gourd pulp filling. Watch the reaction as they take the first bite.

  1. Phone hacking

With the assistance of online brilliant hacking site, hack your buddies’ cell phone and change the icons to explosions or kittens, insert a zombie on the screen.

  1. An ad for selling their teeth

On a classified advertisements website, create a bogus ad selling teeth and give your friends’ e-mail ID as the response address. Soon their inbox will be bombarded with queries about their teeth.

flickr.com/Kathy McGrawflickr.com/Kathy McGraw

flickr.com/Kathy McGraw

  1. Faking milk spilling on gadgets

Take a bit of glue and instructions from Instructable, and fake a milk-spilling on their gadgets like laptops. They are sure to freak out and you enjoy the fun.

  1. Alter their phone’s contacts

It’s time to fool your mobile addict friends by messing up with their smart gadget. Sneak the phone, change the contacts in different names, like girlfriend’s with mother’s. The rest will be history.



  1. Plant an artificial body part in their bag

Go creative by hiding fake body parts in your friends’ bags. The moment they will lay their hands on a limb, or ear, or even a head, the shocking expressions on their faces will say it all.