Apple’s Siri saved a one-year-old child by calling an ambulance when the child’s mother directed it to do so. The child’s mother, Stacey Gleeson, feels that her iPhone’s intelligent personal assistant saved her daughter’s life.

After turning on the lights in her child’s room, Geeson found her baby had stopped breathing. She started giving CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to her child while shouting at her handset to activate Siri. She instructed Siri to call the emergency services. Did you know Apple Siri can now also respond to your sports questions? You should read this.

She kept communicating with the emergency services on the speaker phone while resuscitating Giana, her daughter. Later, the doctors told the mother that there was no lasting damage and the child was helped at the right hour to bring her back to life, reported BBC.

Giana was suffering from chest infection and bronchiolitis. On the day of the accident, the mother found her daughter turning blue on the baby monitor. She immediately rushed to her room where she found that her daughter had stopped breathing. She then sat down with her on the floor while checking her airways and at the same time instructing Siri about the emergency call.

Mr Geeson, who often stays away from home on duty with the Navy, recounted how those vital few seconds helped to save the little one’s life. He opined, “It might have given the precious moments Stacey needed to revive Giana,” he said. notes that Siri can be activated on the latest iPhones and iPads by saying “Hey, Siri”. Apart from making calls, Siri can open music, send text messages and much more. The parents of Giana are now urging everyone to activate the virtual voice assistant on their iPhones.

Mrs Gleeson points out, “It (Siri) helped save our daughter’s life and I never thought I’d have to go through something like that.” She further emphasized that Siri saved her the trouble of physically dialing the emergency number. Of late, there were some amazing performances from Siri. The virtual assistant seems to have corrected Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner. To know more visit here.