With a US$50 ($66) price cut on Apple Watch, CEO Tim Cook is aiming to take on Fitbit Blaze. Although, Fitbit Blaze is slightly more budget-friendly wearable device, it comes with plenty of features and so it rules the smartwatch market.

Now Cupertino-based company has set the standards in the battle of the stylish smartwatches but how much do the Apple Watch and FitBit Blaze each other.


Even though, the Fitbit Blaze offers the fitness metrics for the style-conscious consumers it also offers other features like reading text messages, controlling the music on the paired smartphone, viewing their calendar.

While, Apple website says that the Apple Watch is made to “be an essential part of who you are”. The device is packed with all the features you may require such as advices like when you would require an umbrella or show you a text messages and other features.


The Apple Watch Sport would cost $200 ($266) and the Fitbit Blaze come with a price tag of US$199.95 ($330).


Both Apple and Fitbit offer changeable bands to modify according to your attire. At the launch event of iPhone SE on Monday, the company introduced a new assemble of bands that are made from Woven nylon, space black variant of its higher-end Milanese loop, and new colours for the Apple Watch Sport, notes CNET.

On the other hand, Fitbit offers bands options include “classic” bands that come in colors including black, plum and blue. It also offers wide variety of leather bands and a stainless steel band at the cost of US$129.95 ($ 171), notes Mac Rumors


Apple provides a magnetic charging cable to the back of the Apple Watch. It also draws power from either an outlet or a USB port. While, Fitbit Blaze can be charged by inserting the device into a charging unit and plug it into a USB port.

Fitbit Blaze can stay up to five days after charged and Apple Watch offers 18 hours of standby time, cites Apple.

Although Fitbit Blaze doesn’t proffer rich app ecosystem like Apple Watch, but it is ideal for Fitness oriented customers. Moreover, the wearable costs $100 less than the Apple Watch Sport. Both devices have good features but customers will have to purchase according to their budget.