A new line of Apple luxury watches is about to hit the market on Friday (Jan. 22).

Hermès Apple Watch was first released last October, but  the collection is only available on select group of Apple Stores, Hermès boutiques and high-end department stores. Beginning this Friday, the collection will be available to purchase on Hermès and Apple’s websites, according to Fashionista.

The Verge reported the watch will cost more than the original Apple Watch since it carries the Hermes fashion name.

The Single Tour model comes with a $1,100 price tag and is available as either in Noir or Fauve in 42 mm or in Capucine color at 38 mm. Meanwhile, the Double Tour unit is at $1,250 which comes in either Etain, Fauve, Capucine or Bleu Jean. The most expensive of all is the Cuff line which costs $1,500. Each features a customizable Hermès version of the watch face and made of stainless steel with the luxury brand’s name engraved at the back, MNR Daily added.

Aside from the fancy strap, you really are not buying anything more than the regular Apple Watch. The sporty model starts at $349 while the regular stainless steel Apple Watch starts at $549. Both are available on Apple’s website, CBS noted.

While the Hermès model is a luxury, the most expensive Apple Watch is still the 18-Karat gold Apple Watch Edition which goes from $10,000 to $15,000.

Apple’s partnership with Hermès was the first major venture the tech giant has entered with one of its main products in years. The Verge noted this is Apple’s attempt to immerse its watch with the fashion world. 

Business Insider reported, citing a market research, that Apple Watch is outperforming its rivals, grabbing over 50 percent of the entire smartwatch market in 2015. Apple is expected to announce the second edition of the watch in March.