Rumors have been swirling about the potential specifications, features and upgrades of the next generation Apple Watch, rumored to be named the Apple Watch 2.

The release date of the device was even added to the rumor mix, with a potential release eyed for March 2016 or a few months later, in June.

However, despite these rumors that appear certain of a new Apple Watch 2 coming out, a new report suggests that the Watch 2 won’t even come out at all this year.

Times of India details that the lack of movement (within Apple’s supply chain) hints that no product launch of the Apple Watch 2 is coming any time soon. The website relays an article from Tech Crunch which quotes a source in saying that based on rumors heard from several resources, Apple fans waiting on the so-called Watch 2 won’t be seeing a new hardware model launched this coming March.

However, while the lack of development or movement in supply chain may suggest that a new Apple Watch will not come out this year, Gotta Be Mobile also offers the possibility that the next generation Apple Watch still has a chance to come out around September this year. This will put Apple’s product cycle of their smartwatch line at 1 year and a half.

Furthermore, despite Tech Crunch‘s initial report that the second version of the Apple Watch may be delayed for a long time, an update of the same report has been provided.

The website shares the details as follows:

“I’ve now heard a bit more that suggests that Apple might ship a minor revision of the Apple Watch that includes a FaceTime camera and not much else — but still that it would not be a full “Watch 2.0” with casing changes and major improvements. Still no word on timing but that could explain the reports of a camera have been showing up.”

With many reports coming in about the products, it is important to note that most–if not all–of the information circulating the web are still rumors.

Fans should wait for any official confirmation from Apple itself.