Almost a year ago, Apple Watch was launched by the company and now, fans are expecting that the second generation of the watch would be released at the upcoming WWDC 2016 event.

According to analysts, more than 12 million watches has been shifted so far and in this smartwatch sector, Apple would turn out to be the Market leader, notes Wearable.

So what does the next generation of Apple Watch would offer us?


According to Apple analyst Brian White, of Wall Street firm Drexel Hamilton, the next iteration of the wearable would be 20 percent to 40 percent thinner than the previous model, as per First Note.

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While in contrast, Ming Chi-Kuo, who is known for his accuracy, states that the device is unlikely to have design overhaul. However, he says it will come with minor design changes and contain brand new specs underneath.


In terms of hardware, FaceTime camera would be included and as per the report by 9to5 Mac, the camera would be capable of recording video which would be embedded in the top bezel.

Pocket-Lint notes that rumours indicate that the watch will feature Wi-Fi and with a faster chipset. Data transfer would be fast and it would provide more accurate location services. It would also accompany the thinner display.

New features

One of the interesting features to be included would be cellular connectivity. It was reported that the connectivity would not be paired with an iPhone. Apple Watch would come in 3G or 4G models.

Users would have chosen a data plan and the wearable would be able to receive messages away from a Wi-Fi connection. It will also be filled with GPS functions and would also stream Apple Music.


TechRadar suggested two dates for the Apple Watch 2 launch and most probably it would be seen next month.

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Possibly, Apple Watch 2 would see its daylight on June 13 along with the launch of iOS 10. There’s another possibility that the wearable might be launched in autumn besides iPhone 7, i.e in September.