It has been a year since the first generation of Apple Watch was launched. Fans around the world are expecting the second generation of Apple Watch or Apple Watch 2.

Several rumours are making rounds on the internet regarding the Apple Watch 2 and what it may offer to its eager fans.

So we have gathered rumours which are likely to be seen in Apple Watch 2.


You may expect that Apple Watch 2 would have futuristic form-factor, but it may be disappointing you that rumours are not pointing towards a new design. Instead, it would retain the same old design. Some people argue that the new Smartwatch would have a rounded display screen or dial, similar to Moto 360.


The current Apple Watch is reported to have trouble using it. It lags due to WatchOS having trouble processing instructions. There is a good chance that Apple will correct this issue with WatchOS2, notes Cult of Mac.

Rumors are also suggesting that the second generation Apple Watch would have 500ppi display resolution giving competition to Android Wear Watches. The current wearable from Apple has a 303ppi resolution.

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Battery Life

Certainly battery life is one of the major concerns for the Apple Watch owners. Apple didn’t exactly deliver a watch that would stay for more than one day with heavy use. With Apple Watch 2, it would have upgraded battery life and processing power too.

Release Date

The wearable is very much expected by the Apple fans. Previous speculations indicated March 21 as the launch date for Apple Watch 2, but it didn’t see the light of the day, notes Value Walk.

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Now reports are hinting that June 13 would see the launch of the device along with the iOS 10 at WWDC 2016. Failing which, it could be unveiled in September along with iPhone 7.