Apple junkies all over the world are highly anticipating the Apple Watch 2 release.  While the Cupertino based tech giant has yet to confirm the exact date of the launch, rumors are rife online that it will be unveiled with another device.

Apart from the release date rumors that have started to circulate, many are already suggesting what to expect when the new smartwatch hits stands.  According to new reports, not a lot can be expected in terms of the accessory’s aesthetics, but it will reportedly boast a lot of notable internal upgrades.

Well-trusted Apple insider, Ming-Chi Kuo recently dished on the Apple Watch 2 features and claimed that the Apple Watch’s successor will feature “spec improvements with limited changes to form factor design.” It seems highly likely that this could be the case since previous rumors have already hinted on the possibility in the past.

“The claims are consistent with a rumor dating back to last July, which claimed the second-generation Apple Watch would feature an essentially identical design to the first model, focusing on internal components such as a larger battery and a display with improved outdoor visibility,” Apple Insider noted. “Kuo, however, did not share any further details on what he believes the improved internal components of a second-generation watch might be.”

It was also previously speculated that the Apple Watch 2 release date will coincide with the iPhone 7 launch in September. Many fans were lead to believe that the wearable device was supposed to be unveiled in March. Succeeding rumors have started to claim that users might finally get a glimpse of the Apple Watch 2 at Apple’s WWDC 2016 in June, but none have been confirmed so far.

Do you think the Apple Watch 2 release date will be moved to June or September? Stay tuned for more launch updates here!