Smartwatch fanatics feel that Apple Watch is not up to their expectations. So, Apple Watch 2 will not require iPhone to make calls and send text messages, as per rumours.

It is aid that Apple Watch users are not happy with the current device as it needs an iPhone to make calls and text messages. With the new version of Apple Watch, the company will live up to gadget enthusiasts’ expectations. In fact, it would way better than its predecessor.

Several rumours point out that Apple Watch 2 will be an independent device and users will not require iPhone to send text messages and make a call. All these rumours started after a Wall Street Journal’s report has recently said that Apple is planning to provide its own cellular network connectivity for Apple Watch 2.

Another report has stated that Apple would mostly implement this rumoured feature in Apple Watch 2 as its rival companies such as Samsung and LG have already adopted the cellular network technology for its smartwatch. The move supposed to have been taken in order to remain significant in the smartwatch battle.

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However, on the other side, the said feature will require users to pay extra as reports suggest that a separate data plan will be used for Apple Watch 2. This means users will have to pay for the data plan aside from their iPhone’s monthly bill.

Nevertheless, this problem may be solved by eSIM technology. Reportedly, the three tech giants- Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft- are currently working on it. The eSIM will provide users to share their existing data plan on their Apple gadgets and it also includes Apple Watch 2, as reported by Forbes.

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All these speculations point put that Apple seems to be working hard to make Apple Watch 2 better in every way. Hearsay is that it will have an advanced processor which would work faster than its predecessor, and a FaceTime camera will also be incorporated.