Techies from Down Under have been looking forward to the launch of the second-generation Apple watch for a while now. Rumors and conflicting reports all suggest different timings for this event. However, the tech giant itself hasn’t confirmed a definite launch schedule yet. When exactly will the Apple Watch 2 Australia release date be?

Apple’s very first smartwatch was launched almost two years ago. Tech reporters have always lauded Apple for being a company that constantly innovates and tries to push their products’ design and function forward. It usually releases new and updated versions of their products at regular intervals, usually a year or so. However, the company seems to have chosen to take a different route when it comes to the second Apple Watch.

Fans and reporters alike all think the company should’ve come out with an updated version of their smartwatch by now. However, according to one prominent tech blogger, Apple didn’t even mention the possibility of an Apple Watch 2 at their most recent major press conference this year. Instead, the company chose to focus on the new straps they’re offering for the first-generation Apple watch.

Mac World UK thinks a recent slump in smartwatch sales could be discouraging Apple from making another version of their watch. Two possibilities arise from this. It’s either the company just might be taking their time with the design of Apple Watch 2 or Apple doesn’t think another round of smartwatches is actually worth it.

The UK-based tech news site still thinks Apple could very well release a second smartwatch, though. Their report suggests that it will be with the launch of their next iPhone. However, Apple itself hasn’t confirmed anything.

Will the company ever launch another smartwatch? Or has the great company of innovators given up on this product for good? Will Apple Watch 2 Australia release ever take place? Will Apple even design and launch another smartwatch at all? No word as of yet to answer these questions. Stay tuned for updates.