A watch is a mere accessory provided that it is simply a standard medium of telling time. However, with the advancement of technology, we now have smartwatches that feature a multitude of functions that range from providing weather updates to playing small games. However, these devices need a primary device to connect, and this has been the case for the Cupertino firm’s Apple Watch. The company’s accessory still requires the iPhone to be connected with the watch itself to work but come June 1, 2016, that will no longer be the case.

According to new reports, Apple has just given third-party app developers for its Apple Watch a new requirement. New apps that are submitted to the iTunes App Store must be designed for the recent versions of the operating system that runs on the company’s smartwatch, watchOS 2, and onwards.

The watchOS 2 operating system came in October last year and it brought several upgrades to the company’s smartwatch. This added more Wi-Fi Support which now allows users to make calls, voice commands, and run apps even without an iPhone nearby. When June hits, the new apps in Apple’s App Store will have to support the new upgrades as a requirement. This, in turn, would provide a better user experience for the Apple Watch.

Last month, the company released an incremental updated to the operating system, and we’re now on watchOS 2.2. It’s also expected that a new wave of features and upgrades will be unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that will take place on June 13. Furthermore, the company could also release the second generation of the smartwatch this year.

The new requirement may not mean much for end-users, but it could also mean that we’ll be seeing more innovative features and neat functions that it will bring when it takes full swing. What’s more, it could also mean independence for future Apple Watches.