Hey Siri has just become more intelligent with the latest upgrade. Apple voice-integrated digital assistant has been updated with information about baseball and its statistics.

Just as the Major League Baseball’s Opening Day on Sunday has begun, Apple updated Siri with history and stats going back to the beginning of baseball records. Users can now get all the information on career statistics, and it also covers specific information for leagues other than the Majors, which includes 28 other leagues and minors.

The Verge notes that the sports scores have been in Siri since iOS 6 in 2012. The voice search becomes very useful while there are new searches on gameday questions about statistics.

However, the publication notes that Siri’s capacity is still limited, and it cites an instance that when asked, “When was the last time the Yankees had a perfect game?” it led to a generic search for the Yankees. Other searches just led to a Google query and some results showed inconsistent presentation that was displayed in an Apple-designed frame. Some results showed a simple copy of a Wolfram Alpha result. However, Apple has brought good improvement to the feature.

According to CNET, the Cupertino-based company is mulling over that the improvement in Siri may come in handy for MLB teams. The company has stated last week that its 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be used this year to help coaching staffs and make a real-time decision during games.

Moreover, asking Siri will also offer team rosters, injury reports, latest scores and upcoming games.

Recently, another report suggests that Apple has included Sexual Assault Hotline number to the virtual assistant. CNN report cited that Siri responds to variations like, “I don’t know what you mean,” or, “I don’t understand,” and offered to do a web search.

It also included National Sexual Assault Hotline number as 800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit RAINN.org.