Probably, upcoming smartwatches may be able to provide extra juice or a bit more memory. According to the latest news, Apple Watch may have a swappable band which may offer a good battery life and more memory.

According to a patent filed by Apple, the Apple Watch has a small port tucked under the band called a “diagnostic port.” The company had said that this port is used to check issues on the device but the patent notes that the port can be used for data transfer and even charging.  It also indicates that the upcoming models of the Apple Watch may use this port to add extra functionality.

Apple Insider was the first to unravel the “modular functional band links for wearable devices” and it also suggest that Apple will be offering different “smart bands” for the Apple Watch. These bands may carry features such as extra batteries, fitness features like blood pressure sensors, and even extra processors boost the performance of the device.

The idea of Smart band is impressive. If this idea turns out to be successful then it could serve a number of purposes. The patent suggests that the extra features could expand the functionality of an already-functional device.

For instance, the smart band would have a battery inside the band, rather than in the body of the watch. This could facilitate to make the device thinner as the smartwatches have been criticised for being thick, notes Digital Trends.

Furthermore, it also gives you more options to personalize your device. Users can simply swap out the band to suit their specific needs and they could change the bands at different times.

Similar to Fitbit, Apple Watch could be used for keeping the track of your work out however in this case; the band will have the fitness tracking features. Likewise, you could attach the battery band to the main body of the Watch to extend the device’s battery life.