Could the end for iPad Pro be near? This seems unlikely, considering that the the new tablet was only launched by Apple very recently.

However, recent reports suggest that the upcoming iPad Air 3 may out-spec and out-perform the iPad Pro and even its predecessor, the iPad Air 2.

The website Master Herald reports of this development by saying:

“There were also reports saying that the reason why Apple decided to defer the release of the iPad Air 3 because it wanted to make sure that the new tablet has major improvements from its predecessor, the iPad Air 2.”

This reason on why the iPad Pro and the iPad Air 3 were not released side by side just adds to the speculation that the next iPad Air is being groomed to become the best Apple tablet there is.

Prior to this latest report, rumors regarding the features that the iPad Air 3 will boast have continued to swirl around the web. Its potential release date has also been projected to be this coming March 2016–alongside other rumored next generation Apple devices like the iPhone 6c (a smaller version of the iPhone 6) and the Apple Watch 2, among others.

Meanwhile, a report by Tech Radar maps out a potential future of the iPad Air 3.

In matters of the design, the website suggests that not much change is expected since the iPad Air 2 is already thin enough. Screen size-wise, Tech Radar shares that the same 9.7-inch screen will be featured again but with some improvements with it. The website also says that the new iPad Air may adapt 3D Technology that has been introduced to the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6s.

In terms of OS, Tech Radar notes that the iPad Air 3 may come with iOS 10. However, it does not negate the fact that the new device may still come with iOS 9 if it comes earlier than expected. Finally, in matters of power, Tech Radar mentions that the iPad Air 3 can run on an A10 chip, if not with the same A9X on the iPad Pro.

No matter what the outcome of the new iPad will be, 2016 appears to be an exciting year for Apple devices and other gadgets.