Long after the service launched in 2014 in the US, Apple Pay is making its way to Australia as well as Canada this year.

According to a report on International Business Times, the revelation was made during an investor conference call, wherein CEO Tim Cook shared that they always intended to make the service global.

However, as noted by Engadget, the service in Australia, a least for now, will be limited to American Express card users only.

To setup Apple Pay, users can access the Wallet on their iPhone and add a Credit or a Debit Card. Press Next and the bank will then verify the details. Upon verification, users can again tap Next and start using the service.

Using Apple Pay is a simple process, all it requires is holding up your iPhone within an inch of the reader at stores. Users are required to hold the Touch ID, which for now is the Home Button on the Apple device, without pressing it. The chosen card or the card automatically selected, if the option is turned on, is then used to make the payment.

For more details on Apple Pay setup for the iPad or Apple Watch and how to use the service, head here. Users can also make use of this tap-to-pay service for in-app purchases.

It will be interesting to see how it all rolls out, given that users in US took their time to warm up to Apple Pay in the face of other options such as Paypal and even Android Pay.

This year in July, people also witnessed the service being extended to U.K; making it the first region beyond US where Apple Pay is present.

Reportedly, Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore are also in the lineup where Apple wants to take the service, in collaboration with American Express. These markets should expect the service to be heading their way in the beginning of 2016.