Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour may be over, but it is now immortalized through the premiere of “1989 World Tour Live” on Apple Music.

However, as exciting as that may sound to Swifties, many fans were not able to enjoy the experience.

In a report by The Verge, Apple Music subscribers encountered a number of issues when attempting to watch Taylor Swift’s documentary tour special. According to the website, among the issues encountered include the World Tour not being able to load or crashing in the middle of streaming.

Worse, the website reports that another problem encountered by subscribers is that they could not find the World Tour in the Apple Music app.

When The Verge did some digging, it discovered that many subscribers aired out their concern and frustrations towards Apple Music’s customer service account on Twitter. Problems cited earlier were front and center to the complaints of Twitter users. However, The Verge discovered that another concern brought up by Swifties is that the 1989 World Tour be made available digitally or on DVD.

Despite the problems, the 1989 World Tour was still packed with the best stuff Taylor Swift can offer.

The Wrap offers a few descriptions or background about the video.

For one, the website says that the film features Taylor Swift with some of the members of her celebrity squad like Justin Timberlake and Mary J. Blige. Apart from the singer performing her biggest hits, the video also features content that gives fans a glimpse into the backstage.

The Wrap details that the performance was held at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia las November 28. In addition, the website also shares that the film was directed by Jonas Akerlund.

No matter the glitches encountered by fans in streaming the 1989 World Tour, it is quite clear that they would still be willing to go through any hassle just to support Taylor Swift.