In recent months, the company’s upcoming devices have been the subject of much anticipation, as well as several leaks and speculations in the rumour mill. Now that the date is finally set, it’s only a couple of days now until things become official. Here’s everything that you should know!

1. The 4-inch iPhone 5SE, or simple iPhone SE, is set to be unveiled on the March 21 event. That could actually be the biggest news in the keynote, so to speak. Recent data shows that there’s still a large portion of the total iPhone user base still using compact devices, and are hesitant to move up to a generation due to the shift in form factor. Apple is targeting that chunk with a 4-incher that features upgraded internals to tap its potential revenue, and in the process still appease its compact loyalists.

2. Fans who are reluctant to get the iPad Pro could need a smaller version that would fit easily in their backpacks, something that’s probably more portable than what it currently offers but still packs some power and innovative features. As such, Apple could finally unveil a mini version of the iPad Pro instead of introducing a new entry in the Air lineup.

3. A 13-inch MacBook Pro could also be launched in the event. Apple updated the lineup last year in March, and the company could keep to its schedule and launch the venerable notebook complete with Intel’s Skylake processor.

4. While we won’t see a second generation of the Apple Watch, the company will still offer something in the lineup through new band styles and colours. You’ll have to wait until September for the second generation if that’s what you’re looking for.

5. Apple scheduled its event a day before it faces off with the FBI in court. The iPhone maker and the US government are still in an encryption war over the San Bernardino case.

6. The press invite for the invite reads “Let us loop you in,” suggesting that the Apple is returning to its “roots” and updating them to please those who are still using its dated products.

7. If you prefer watching the event yourself, you can livestream it on the same day at exactly 10:00 a.m. PDT.