Speculations suggest that 9.7-inch iPad will be introduced at next week’s press conference, and the device could have an entry level price of US$599 ($787) for 32GB storage.

The price of the iPad Air 2 will be reduced from the launch price of $499(AUD 655.99), notes 9to5Mac Mark Gurman.

The 9.7-inch iPad is more expensive than its predecessor, and Gurman cites that since Apple is not releasing iPad Air 3 the new 9.7-inch iPad would take its place and should be considered as iPad Pro as per earlier rumour. The new device would give faster performance than its predecessor and would also support iPad Pro accessories.

Accessories could be Apple Pencil and Apple’s own Smart Keyboard could be expected. However, no details have been revealed about the name of the device.

Apple didn’t refresh the iPad Air and instead announced that iPad Pro. The iPad Air 2 was unveiled in October 2014, so the new device could have specs bump. Since multitasking and split view are introduced the 7-inch iPad could have much-advanced specs. To recollect, iPad Air 2 costs US$499 ($655) of the 16GB model but now it costs US$399 ($524), notes CNET.

Apple is planning to introduce the 32GB model instead of 16GB model, to mitigate the price bump. It would also proffer LTE and 128GB of internal storage. However, Apple is quite possible to keep the old iPad Air 2 but a price cut for the device is unclear, notes Tech Crunch.

Apple claims that iPad could be the future of computers and is constantly trying new things to introduce to the Apple fans. The company is experimenting to see if people on board with this version.

Now we will have to wait and see what the new 9.7-inch iPad would offer us.