Apple iPhone SE was launched in March. It been ten days and there is a difference of opinion regarding how well the device is doing in the market now.

Since the launch of the iPhone SE, we couldn’t see people camping outside the store like a typical iPhone launch. However, Tesla saw hundreds of people order a Model 3 at the stores.

Although the device includes a lot of technology upgrades but it doesn’t have a compelling reason to rush towards the store to buy the device. But its lead-times reports that the device has been sold out at several store across the US (but those were in the first few days).

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After the first weekend of sales, Localytics published a report stating that the handset was only 0.1% of iPhones in use. According to Fiksu’s ongoing analysis, the device sales are running half to one-third of the iPhone 5c. While KGI’a Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has raised a question on iPhone SE China pre-orders which were reported to be 3.4 million, notes MacRumors.

When iPhone SE compared to the iPhone 5c and 5s the install base of the iPhone is apparently two times larger if it is assumed that 896 million cumulative units sales are reduced to 421 million which was sold in September 2013.

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Apple is trying to win the China market with $399 price for iPhone SE. However, Localytics and Fiksu’s data may not have the usage statistics as well as developed countries, notes Forbes.

iPhone SE was launched Ten days back and it has been sold probably in flux however, it is quite natural to think that they wouldn’t be getting longer.

The publication has scrutinized device lead-times on Apple’s US website for AT&T T and Verizon models. The device was sold in China on March 30, one day before the SE went on sale and today, 10 days after.