A lot of rumors surrounds a phone until it releases. Apple’s iPhone 7, which is expected to release in September is now packed with rumors. A new report claims that Intel will join Qualcomm to supply LTE chip for the upcoming iPhone 7 series.

For the first time, the Cupertino firm will buy modems from Intel for its AT&T-compatible iPhones. Unlike most of the other tech giants, Apple doesn’t integrate wireless modem into the system on a chip, rather it prefers to use separate wireless modems.

On the other hand, Qualcomm will continue to supply LTE chips for Verizon iPhones and handsets sold in China, according to reports by Bloomberg. There was recent report that iPhone 7 will go deep blue. Click here to read more.

Rumors have been floating around that Qualcomm was gradually losing its modem business to the Cupertino firm, encouraging other modem manufacturers to step into the supplying business. Relying on a sole manufacturer can create bottlenecks, while dealing with multiple suppliers encourages good bargain, notes BGR.

Bringing Intel onboard is Apple’s decision to strengthen the performance of its products. However, the iPhone maker will have to exercise extra caution to make sure that there isn’t any notable difference in performance between the two chips.

Phone Arena reported that Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf had earlier hinted that his company will lose some of its LTE modem orders to another firm. It was, however, not specified which firm he indicated, but chances are he was talking about Apple.

Back in 2007, Infineon Technologies AG started supplying modems to Apple for its iPhones. Later, Intel acquired Infineon’s wireless division, but the American technology company lost the contract when the iPhone manufacturer chose Qualcomm over Intel for supply of modems. Since then, Intel failed to supply chips to any smartphone in the market, which led to a loss of market share.

This new modem order by Apple is a positive sign for Intel as it proves to be a competitive approach in the mobile space. Going by the statistical data, AT&T intends to sell an estimated 22 million iPhones this year and 23 million in 2017. Read this news on iPhone 7’s advanced technology.