Apple iOS 9.3 release was widely expected and it brought new features and bug fixes. However, the new upgrade has introduced a bug of its own.

Reports suggest that Twitter and Apple’s support forums are filled with complaints saying that the tapping of links in Safari causes the app to freeze, notes 9to5 Mac. Apple support communities members also claim that the crash bug also affects other apps such as Mail, Messages, and Chrome for iOS. However, with Chrome the issue is different. They said that long-pressing a link, which generally opens a link in a new tab after updating to iOS 9.3, bypasses this bug.

The publication also cited that the freezing of bug appears to occur on new devices such as the iPhone 6s Plus. They also say that the issue was earlier seen on iOS 9.2. 1 as well, however, they characterized those instances as “sporadic.”

Some users have reported a solution for the problem saying that disabling JavaScript resolves the bug in Safari, but other apps still face the issue. Since the bug appears to affect mostly newer iPhones, both 9to5 Mac and Slash Gear point out that a bug affecting the 3D touch feature on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus could be the problem.

Apple has not yet officially made a statement in this regard but said that on the Apple forum, the company is aware of the bug and currently working on a fix, after a forum member spoke to a support representative.

Previous reports noted that the new iOS 9.3 updates have left the older models on iPhone and iPads unusable. Last week, the company rolled out the update with a bevy of new features and improvements. But for iPad 2 owners and other devices the update has locked their tablets and phones. Users who have forgotten to activate their username and password also got their devices locked.