iOS 9.3, currently available for developers, is gearing up to arrive for iPhone users. The latest update in the works brings with it some really neat features including those which will help users get better sleep at night. Yes, that’s right!

One of the major features of iOS 9.3 is the Night Shift mode. As noted by MacRumors, it allows to “warm up” the iPhone or iPad’s screen in order to reduce exposure to blue light.

As many users may be aware, gadgets emit blue lights, which make the screens look crisp and the wavelengths “wake us up and boost our attention.” This isn’t the best when users are winding down, preparing to sleep while browsing content on the devices.

As shared by CNET, “Researchers believe that blue light emitted by LED screens halts the production of melatonin, the hormone that tells our brains to sleep.” The dip in melatonin production, during the evening hours affects sleep patterns since it confuses the “body’s biological clock.”

Night Shift will arrive to everyone’s rescue, as it will give users the liberty to change the colors on the screen at night so they can have a good night’s rest. The setting will enable users to move from bright blue and white light to warmer colors such as red, orange and yellow. These warm colors will be easier on the eyes and won’t disrupt sleep.

Users will have the option to turn on the Night Shift in the Setting app, under Display and Brightness. Users can switch from the blue tint to much warmer colors, either by customizing the timings as per schedule, on-demand or by simply letting the device automatically make the change based on sunrise and sunset.

Many users may appreciate Apple’s solution to the bright light issue. Fans can keep coming back for more updates on the latest from the stables of Apple.