The class action suit worth $60 million against Appco Group Australia has unveiled new facts about the well-known charity fundraiser. CCTV footage has been obtained as a part of the suit that shows Appco compelling workers for forced sex acts as they could not meet their sales targets.

In the video, the male employees are seen involving into a sexual act with colleagues at a morning meeting. A reputed media outlet reported that the punishment patterns were designed for those who were under-performing. Chamberlains Law Firm’s lead partner Rory Markham confirmed that the video involved those in the forced sex acts who could not meet their targets.

“’The video depicts a series of pseudo sexual acts performed on men by other men in a room’s morning meeting which we’re instructed was orchestrated by the managing director of that company,” Markham said. “No employer in Australia could get away with that sort of behaviour. It appears to be the relics of a very long lost navy ritual that we don’t see in the Australian context anymore.”

Appco Group Australia has been accused of “sham contracting.” This implies that the company hires workers as independent contractors and not as employees. This is done to make sure they could pay them the minimum wage. The class action suit, according to reports, is considered as the biggest of its kind in the nation. The fundraiser is concerned with raising money for some of the most popular names in the market, which include Optus, AGL, and many more.

The video that appeared to be one of the breakthroughs in the suit against Appco was filmed in April 2014. The venue where the scandal took place is the premise of a marketing company, On Demand Sports. The company is currently known as Visionary Direct Enterprises, ABC’s 7.30 reported.

Appco Denies Forced Sex Acts Allegations

While claimants accused the Aussie fundraiser of under payment and forced sexual acts, Appco denied all allegations. “Any such activities were conducted without the knowledge, permission or encouragement of Appco Australia. These activities have now been banned and represent a breach of contract with Appco.” Appco said in a statement.

“Appco Australia has not seen these latest videos, but can confirm that neither of the companies we are advised are shown in them have ever received any complaints about the activities described to us, or in relation to bullying and harassment generally. Furthermore, no complaints about such activities have ever been brought directly to Appco Australia’s attention and have only been brought to our attention through the media.”

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