In the upcoming APEC Summit, leaders of member economies are expected to arrive in Manila next week. With US President Barack Obama’s confirmation to attend, he will meet Australia PM Malcolm Turnbull for the first time.

The White House confirmed that President Obama will have a meeting with the New Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada, Yahoo wrote. Their first face-to-face talks will be held during their stay in Manila. Both Australia and Canada have signed the Obama-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal.

Senior Obama foreign policy aide Ben Rhodes said, “We clearly coordinate very closely with the Australians on many issues including the counter-ISIL (Islamic State group) campaign, our commitment to maritime security and TPP, of which Australia is a critical member.”

President Obama will also meet Canada PM Justin Trudeau. The two have only talked twice over the phone since Trudeau won the election.

“Clearly, Canada is also a country where we have enormous overlapping interests, including the TPP, including our shared commitment to counter-terrorism and also our cooperation here in the hemisphere,” Rhodes said.

While the TPP is under review, Fortune noted that President Obama has a “tough road” ahead. It is expected that the nation leaders will include TPP in their talks. reported that PM Malcolm Turnbull has already left for his five-nation tour. He had a meeting with Indonesia President Joko Widodo in Jakarta. The two leaders shook hands and even had their photos taken together. Locals at the Tanah Abang market cheered for both leaders when they arrived.

On Thursday night, Turnbull left for his next stop – Germany. Today, he is set to have a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. After their meeting, PM Malcolm Turnbull will fly to Turkey before heading on to the Philippines. Malaysia will be his last stop before going back to Australia.