Amidst the ongoing talks during the APEC week, Canada PM Justin Trudeau is not only tackling economic issues but also vying for the hashtag title, “#APECHottie.” The new Canada Prime Minister has been given the alias “Canadian Bae” in the Philippines.

Canada PM Justin Trudeau arrived in Manila on Tuesday evening to attend the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting. National Post reported that the Philippines caught the “Trudeaumania 2.0” fever.

However, the Canada PM has a close rival in becoming the “#APEC Hottie.” Mexico’s leader President Enrique Pena Nieto earned himself the nickname “Mexican Papi.” The two leaders instantly became a trending topic in the Philippines for their physique and good looks.

Local news agencies picked up the trending topic to ask the country which of the two leaders deserve the “#APECHottie” title. The site mentioned that Inquirer, the country’s largest newspaper, asked in their front page, “Are you Team Nieto or Team Trudeau?”

National Post mentioned that a Buzzfeed poll was put up to determine which leader is the “most physically attractive.” And now, the “Canadian Bae” is leading the poll 4% ahead of the “Mexican Papi.”

Whether you’re Team Trudeau or not, you can’t deny that Canada PM Justin Trudeau is indeed a gorgeous-looking man.

We did a little research (aka stalking) on the “Canadian Bae” and got his 8 best photos online.

1. His serious look.

Even when he’s completely serious, the Canada Prime Minister looks very handsome.

2. His profile.

Just look at his perfectly-shaped nose and long eyelashes.

3. Trudeau in Boxing mode.

Curious on how Canada PM Justin Trudeau maintains a good physique? Probably because he’s into boxing. He even won in a charity boxing match a few years ago.

4. His candid shot.

Can you even stare at him without smiling and blinking?

5. A photo of him with Canadians.

He promises to bring change in the country – that’s why Canadians love him and that’s why everybody loves him.

6. When he stares right back at you.

So, how do you react?

7. Trudeau with his family.

The “Canadian Bae” seems to be at his happiest when he’s with his family. And when he’s happy, we can all stare at his gorgeous smile.

8. A photo of his Christmas attire.

How would you react if someone as good-looking as the Canada Prime Minister gives you a present?