The activities for Anzac Day 2016 all around Brisbane are expected to draw crowds of people up to a thousand.

A service happening at the Shrine of Remembrance in Anzac Square on Adelaide Street beginning at 4:28 a.m. The Brisbane Anzac Day Parade, a commemoration for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation, will follow on later in the day, according to ABC News.

And in light of the momentous occasion, this article presents five things to know about Anzac Day, what role Australia played during the First World War and clearing the air on certain myths and beliefs that most Australians have come to know 101 years after the Gallipoli landings.

1.  Anzac Day came to life when the then-Mayor of Brisbane initiated a meeting in January 1916 about how to honour the troops who served the nation over the years. April 25 was the day that was chosen for the formal remembrance.

2. The Australia and New Zealand Army Corps consisted of members not only from within the two countries but also those from other parts of the world. The Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps, Jewish soldiers from the Zion Mule Corps, and Indian Mountain Brigade were among the members of ANZAC.

3. There were thousands of Australian and New Zealander casualties but not more than the British. A total of 8709 Australians and 2721 New Zealanders died in Gallipoli while the Brits lost 34,072 of their soldiers in total.

4.  Queenslanders played a part in the Gallipoli campaign wherein it defended Quinn’s Post, which was the most significant position of the Allied. The position was saved by a certain lieutenant Terence McSharry after the Turks detonated a bomb under the Post in May 1915.

5. A lot of Australian and New Zealander soldiers’ stories were recognized for many years for their fighting spirits.