ANZAC Day 2016 will mark yet another anniversary of the first vital military action taken by Australia and New Zealand together during the First World War.

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Trip Advisor Australia reports that on April 25 every year, Australians get a chance to celebrate this national occasion and visit the places that best define the importance of the day. Here is a list of five best places that can be visited by Aussies on ANZAC Day 2016 to cherish the national holiday and pay tribute to the national heroes who bravely fought in the First World War.

ANZAC Square Memorial

ANZAC Square Memorial in Brisbane is one of the most significant places to visit on April 25. Aussies get a chance to start their day by watching a boardwalk in Teneriffe and have a look at the history of Brisbane’s submarines.

Caloundra Coastal Walk

Caloundra Coastal Walk is the next option on the list that Aussies can have a look at on the Sunshine Coast. There the spot is filled with plaques to remember and pay tribute to soldiers who fought for Australia during the World War.

City Centre, NSW

On ANZAC Day, Australians get an opportunity to attend dawn services, parades, wreath laying, etc. all over New South Wales. According to, the city centre in Sydney organizes the biggest ANZAC Day service of the state where everyone is welcomed for commemoration ceremony without having to pay any charges. The Cenotaph in Martin Place where the ANZAC Day Dawn service is hosted starts at 4:15 am in the morning.

Centennial Park, NSW

NSW’s Centennial Park hosts Camp Gallipoli in April 24 and 25. There friends and families get a chance to sleep out open under the stars as the original ANZAC soldiers did around 100 years ago. The Eastern Visitor Centre Courtyard and the Education Centre Courtyard remains reserved for persons with visual disability and hearing impairments.

Diggers’ BBQ

A foody Australian who wants to spend his national holiday eating tasty stuff, the combination of The Australian Heritage Hotel and The Glenmore Hotel will be the best option. Aussies can start their breakfast as early as 6 am with Diggers’ BBQ.

ANZAC Day is celebrated to pay tribute to those who have served the country and died in wars for fighting conflicts and maintaining universal peace.