NSW police have arrested two men in an anti-terror raid in Sydney. They targeted a house in the north west of the city overnight. Operation Talon officers were heavily armed to target the gun crime unit in Sydney.

They raided a Beaumont Hills house at the Guardian Avenue. The officers opted for anti-terror night searching and had an interrogative session with several residents nearby. A 22-year-old was arrested at the house following the officers’ discovery of a handgun.

On the other hand, another suspect, 20, was taken into custody after he drove into the street up to the house while the raid was being conducted. NSW police found him with a knife in his vehicle, which was taken for forensic examination. The 22-year old was taken to Castle Hill police station. He was being interrogated over there. According to police records, the 20-year-old was a suspended driver and was also issued a court attendance notice because of multiple driving offences.

However, this was not the first time that the house underwent an anti-terror raid. Police targeted this house earlier during the Operation Appleby raids in 2014. Neighbors gave details of the incident and said that almost 60 officers wore bullet-proof vests and spent whole night searching the home. The nearby people were interrogated along with some officers searching cars parked outside the properties in the area.

NSW police confirmed that the investigation was in continuation. Operation Talon Forward Commander and Acting Superintendent Chris Nicholson said that the act of police implemented on Thursday night is an approach to target gun-related violence. “We will continue these forms of engagement in the coming days and weeks to ensure the safety and reassurance of the community,” he said Seven Network.

NSW Police Bust Suspected Drug Lab

Heavily armed police have stormed a suspected drug lab in the west part of Sydney. The officers raided one property, which they believed was used to make crystal methamphetamine, also known as ice. Detective Chief Inspector Michael Cook is in charge of the NSW Chemical Operations Unit that looks after the overseas raids. He opens up about the busting of the suspected lab.

“With clan labs, it’s dependent on jumping at the right time so the chemicals and the people are there at the same time,” the NSW officer said as quoted by the ABC. “You don’t just get some information and run in and knock a place off. It’s a fair bit of background work and a fair bit of surveillance goes into it. There’s background required into the purchase of chemicals and the transferring of money.”

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