Thousands of people on Sunday took to the streets of Brussels and rallied.  They initiated an “anti-terror and hate” march in memory of the Brussels attacks victims.

The march was supposedly planned to happen right after the attacks, where three suicide bombers rocked a metro station and airport; claiming 32 lives. But it was postponed due to some security reasons.

Airport staff, relatives of victims , paramedics and those who were affected in one way or the other by the bombings joined the anti-terror march. Most of them carried flowers in memory of lost lives.

Police estimated the public flow to be around 7000 although the march organisers were hoping to see 15000 people.

“When our fellow citizens, defenceless civilians, are cut down in a cowardly attack, all citizens should stand up to express their disgust and solidarity,” said Hassan Bousetta, one of the organisers.

According to France24, the march comes a day after Belgium’s Interior Minister Jan Jambon claimed that “several Muslims commemorated the attacks”.

The attacks which rocked the European community was claimed by the Islamic State, which was also behind the 13 November Paris attacks which claimed 130 lives.

In the past weeks, Belgian authorities have arrested dozens of people linked to the nexus of attacks and who were planning to perpetrate new attacks.

However, the authorities were questioned for bungling out several opportunities to catch the perpetrators and terror cell.

According to BBC, Belgian officials have explicitly admitted the blunders during and after the Brussels attacks.

Knowing that the suspects of the Paris attack came from Belgium, Brussels had already pulled up its operations. But the forces lagged behind. Moreover, after the attacks, Brussels reported operational failures which to a certain extent were “too slow” .

On March 22, the evacuation efforts at Brussels metro came into play “52 minutes after two bombs rocked the Brussels airport at 7:58”.

At 09:11, the third bomb exploded at Maelbeek train station. STIB, the metro company, said that “it had not received any official orders to stop the services”.