Anthony Mundine and Danny Green II will face once again, ten years since their last fight. The two will fight this Friday night at Adelaide Oval.

It is believed that this fight will be the pair’s last since their both past their prime. Mundine is already 41 years old while Green is 43 years old. Among the biggest sporting rivalries in Australia, the two fought last on May 17, 2006 at the Sydney Football Stadium in front of 34,500 fans. Mundine was victorious, garnering the unanimous decision.

According to Green, he was seriously underweight during their fight ten years ago. At the time, the agreed weight limit was 83 kilograms and Green weighed at 82.9 kilograms. On the other hand, Mundine only weighed 79.6 kilograms.

Mundine is confident that he would win this fight again. He said, “I’ve got to be smart and not get caught with anything silly. I have to have my gloves up or have him hitting air, just like the last time,” Fox News reports. Both of these boxers have claimed world title belts. According to reports, their last match will be a huge payday for them because each would earn about $10 million.

There would also be an undercard at the Adelaide Oval, which is to be headlined by Quade Cooper and featuring eight fights, Roar reports. The undercard will occur at 6 PM AEDT. Mundine and Green’s fight is expected to start sometime between 10 PM and 11 PM.

According to Roar, the only way to watch the fight is through a one-off pay-per-view with the fee of $59.95, which will also include the undercard. The Main Event will be the show’s exclusive broadcaster. Fans can also watch the first hour of the undercard on Fox Sports until 7 PM AEDT on Channel 506. There is no way to stream the fight, however.

While the fighters’ ages have been met with controversy, others have also come into their defense. In an interview, the famous ring announcer Michael Buffer told Fox Sports 500:

“We’re talking about two fighters who are multiple world champions. Both guys have this ability to reach down deep and they have the will to win and I think that’s what really makes fights compelling. Everybody knows they’re both over 40, they’re both not in their prime, but they compete against each other and you know they’ve trained hard for this fight. They want to win. It’s just compelling; it’s just something you want to see as fight fans.”

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