Viewers will continue to have more fun with “Another Period” as season 2 premieres June 15 on Comedy Central.

The series debuted last year and earned a reputation for its comic blend of “’Downtown Abbey’ meets the Kardashians,” Entertainment Weekly wrote. Comedic actresses Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome created the period sitcom and also star as its lead heroines, Lillian and Beatrice, the publication noted.

“They’re brand-new billionaires and they’re kind of living like rappers. As opposed to in [PBS’s] ‘Downton Abbey,’ where it’s a little more subdued and subtle and there’s more class,” Leggero explained in an interview with the International Business Times. The period setting of the series also adds to the hilarity as the creators make it a point to interject some historical facts into the skit.

“The funniest thing for us is that people don’t think a lot of our stuff is real. They don’t know they’re getting a history lesson. They’re like, ‘Oh, cocaine wine, that’s hilarious,’ — no that was real, that was a common beverage,” Lindhome said. Leggero also gave insight into the beauty pageant they did on “Another Period.”

“We wanted to do a beauty pageant episode and we started researching. The first beauty pageant was in 1902 and it was between a cabbage and a baby and a bird. We were like, ‘Oh, we should just do this,’” Leggero revealed. Season 2 promises to be “crazier than ever” in Bellacourt Manor with the Bellacourt sisters continued their pursuit for fame, Bustle noted.

For starters, the sisters are back in the dating pool as their father gives them an order to go after wealthy suitors. It was clearly a directive that didn’t need to be said twice.

Another Period

Bustle/Lillian and Beatrice

Like before, viewers can expect Lillian and Beatrice to rock New Edwardian Era fashion with their personal flair.

Another Period

Bustle/Another Period/Lillian in Plaid

Another Period

Bustle/Another Period/Beatrice’s keyhole neckline

Audiences never know who’ll arrive at Bellacourt Manor but expect to see celebrity guest stars like Albert Einstein, Teddy Roosevelt, and more throughout the ten episodes of season 2, the publication revealed.

Another Period

Bustle/Another Period/Celebrity Guest

“Another Period” also received the green light for season 3 last May to the delight of its creators, Leggero and Lindhome, Variety wrote. “We’d like to thank Comedy Central for this continued opportunity to dress like queens and act like a–holes,” the ladies said in a statement.

Watch the trailer for the second season of “Another Period.”